Friday, May 25, 2007

The Black Casebook of the Batman

Thank you Thank you Thank you Grant Morrison for The Black Casebook. The mysterious tome, introduced in Batman #665, is a brilliant way to incorporate those wacky '50's Batman stories into continuity. Best of all, as far as I'm concerned, The Batman Creature is now officially IN CANON.

You read the mind-shattering tale of the Batman Creature here at Again With the Comics, but what other mad, reality-twisting tales lurk within the Black Casebook? Look and see, but beware...once seen, such images of inexplicable unreality cannot be unseen!

That's right! It all happened, and it's all in The Black Casebook.


SallyP said...

Heh...can't stop laughing...helpless in the face of my enemies...!

Seriously, these are wonderful. The one of Bat Baby in particular just fills me with unholy glee.

Jennifer said...

um. . .zebra batman. he's dangerous if he's infiltrating a wicked band of referees, but really. . .a batman. . .with stripes?

Blockade Boy said...

I think the danger is that a man of his influence could bring zebra stripes back into fashion. I don't know about you, but I certainly consider that to be "dangerous".

Brian Hughes said...

I have a new mission in life - I MUST read that Bat-Baby story! "The Zebra Batman" is inexplicable, but that cover really pops, doesn't it?

Larry E said...

Ahhh, the Batman stories of my youth. I was really ticked when the "New Look" hit and there were no more aliens, monsters, or transformations.
The Zebra Batman was, if I remember correctly, was actually magnetically charged. The 'zebra' striping was the manifestation of the patterns of postive and negative forces. You'll notice on the cover that the lamp post & car are being repelled by the forces as he walks by.
There was also a "negative" Batman issue where he appeared as a photonegative of himself.
I didn't write it, I just explain it.

Joe said...

Ahhahahahahahaaa! Oh-hehheh-Oh, stahahppit. You're killing me!