Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cue the Next Outrage

Okay, so now that the furor over that Goddamn Mary Jane statue is dying down, the Internet is gonna need something else to complain about. Let's see, let's see...Ah! Here we go!

That's the cover to Heroes for Hire #13, and wow, it is all kinds of messed up. People squawk about Greg Land all the time, but I don't wanna know what kind of photo reference was used here. That "tentacle slime" on Black Cat is way too well drawn to be made up. In a word: EEEeeeewwwww. Still, this is the perfect storm of Internet umbrage: You got your women in jeopardy, your bondage, and your superhero tentacle porn, and all on one cover - it's like one stop shopping for apoplectic outrage! And unlike that Mary Jane statue, this is an affordable $2.99, a bargain for the discriminating pervert on a budget. See? Everybody wins!


SallyP said...

Does Marvel even have a clue anymore?

Dumma said...

Wait a minute...
Don't you need women in jeopardy and bondage in order to have tentacle porn?

As for the photo reference, Google tells me there are in fact live action tentacle rape movies
so that mystery is solved

LurkerWithout said...

You forgot the "Wait Misty Knight is Black? Really?"

Gods I hate this thing. And HfH was a book I kind of liked. I mean they're trying to collect a bounty on Devil Dinosaur right now in the Savage Land.

Brian Hughes said...

Sally- Oh, they have plenty of clues about pandering.

Dumma- Not necessarily. But, and I cannot stress this enough, I AM NOT AN EXPERT on this particular subject.

Lurker- That's where this becomes a no-win situation. If there's a backlash, it will probably just lead to H4H getting cancelled, with no broader lesson learned.

Gaeasoldier said...

Atrocious cover. The reason why I have to read my comics in a underground bunker with Dick Cheney and Jim Morrison. How can Marvel, any big publisher, expect the non-comics audience to buy their lines of "serious storylines" when the front pages have this? Is the tentacle porn demographic that big?