Monday, June 04, 2007

A Feast Before the Famine

Again With the Comics will be on hiatus the week of June 4th-10th. Until then, in lieu of new content, enjoy a feast of re-runs. Here we have a few of my favorite articles from the last year, served up fresh and piping hot for your amusement/annoyance. These are listed oldest to newest, so the first item is from October'06:

A Vintage Gil Kane drawn Tiger Boy story, reprinted -and mocked- in its entirety.

A lengthy polemic decrying my least-favorite comic book character.

You would think that recasting Dracula as a superhero would be a surefire recipe for action and excitement, wouldn’t you? You’d be wrong.

Alas, poor Stilt-Man, we hardly knew ye.

I Married A Skrull. AWKward!

Memo to Marvel: Hulk comics should have the Hulk in them! I shouldn't have to tell you this!!

As if Insect Queen wasn't bad enough, meet the Bee Boy. He was Emo before Emo was a thing to be (or bee)!

Meet the most confused pacifist in the old west, Gunmaster and Bullet the Gun Boy.

Green Lantern gets more than he bargained while attending a Dickles Family reunion.

Fools! You'll all pay!!

Let's go visit Aunt Flo with Ms. PMS. Now with comments from the writer/artist!

Wonder Woman battles the twin Scourges of the golden age: Scale and Proportion.

There was a Jimmy Olsen Vertigo comic? Really?

There's also a lot more crap on the sidebar and in the archives! We'll be back ASAP.

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