Friday, May 04, 2007

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?


"My word!" "Harrummphh!" "This is most irregular!"
There's nothing funnier than seeing a bunch of uptight aristocrats faced with a thoroughly inappropriate dinner guest, (Ref: Stooges, Three) but that's a decidedly underwhelming choice of monster on the cover above. In this day and age, slime covered swamp beasts have joined the moneyed elite, and the appearance of a muck-encrusted man-monster is no longer controversial among society's upper crust. The question falls to you, dear reader: Who's freaking out the squares?

As an example, here's old you-know-who up to his usual tricks:

Your turn. Go nuts!

Look who else is sitting down for dinner:

Siskoid invited a few long lost friends for a welcome back feast. Hope there's enough food!


Siskoid said...

My entry may have invited too many guests at the table...

Cool meme, Brian!

SallyP said...

What astonishes ME, is that there is no cutlery on that table! How are they supposed to eat? And only a single sherry glass at the head of the table? That's for the soup course, what about the fish course, the main course, and the dessert?

No oyster fork, no soup spoon, no fish fork, no meat fork, no knives, not even a bonbon spoon!

These people are barbarians!