Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Incorrigible Hulk Returns

I found this mind-boggling splash page from The Incorrigible Hulk online earlier this week, which made me want to share it and repeat my plea to publish Peter Bagge's Incorrigible Hulk.

I don't have anything new to add to that, but really, why not? If Marvel can publish overpriced ($26?!?), in-jokey stuff like this:

Then they can publish the damn Incorrigible Hulk, which was produced at about the same time as the above mentioned high-dollar vanity project, but shelved for no apparent reason! C'mon Marvel how can you say "no" to this face?


Spencer Carnage said...

Don't know if you've checked this out yet, but over at Comics Comics you can download their latest issue, which has an op-ed from Peter Bagge about why he hates Spider-man. Plus, there was a podcast interview with him at InkStuds a few months back where he states that his Hulk was making the rounds again at editorial. Maybe you already know all this, though. Maybe not. I'm digging the Buddy Does Jersey I just bought so I want that Hulk to come out too.

Brian Hughes said...

Thanks for the heads up about Comics Comics. I downloaded it, and it looks pretty good. I look forward to digging into that Gerber article. Bagge's article was interesting, and I don't think I've ever heard him state his antipathy for comic fans quite like that. I like to think I'm a more open-minded "fanboy" than the type he discusses. I'm not too hung up on continuity, and I've always had room on my plate for non-superhero stuff, including (especially) his. If he ever saw this site, he'd probably puke! Oh well.

P.S. I am old, and podcasts frighten me.

Spencer Carnage said...

Don't be afraid. They're just like old radio shows! Remember when you guys got fooled by that Orson Welles guy? Classic!