Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Marvel Zombies Masterworks?!?

No, not really. I wanted to post this ghastly reworking of a classic comics moment from Avengers #4, only zombiefied. This was meant for a humor post on ill-advised Marvel Zombies brand extensions, but after seeing that disgusting Zombie Spider Man wedding statue and insanely enough, Marvel Zombies fucking Minimates, I knew nothing I could make up could top the crazy shit Marvel actually does. So forget it.

Now, Where are my Marvel Zombie Minimate Bobblehead Limited Edition Holographic Pogs, damn it?


austin said...

if i was a kid i would go bat shit crazy over those minimates. We can both agree that everything you posted looks really really good, right?

Brian Hughes said...

Those Minimates are actually kind of cute/funny, but I wouldn't have that statue in my house if you paid me. That particular statue bugs me, though, not MZ in general. I kind of liked the initial Marvel Zombies mini-series, but enough already.

I’ve noticed that the Internet flips out when cheesecake Mary Jane does the laundry, but MJ being violently eviscerated on her wedding day by a rotting corpse Spider-Man gets a relative pass. Amazing.

coco67 said...

Hmm, if only a rotting corpse MJ was doing the laundry!

Brian Hughes said...

Oh, rest assured, "sexy" zombies are coming. Probably from Japan.