Thursday, May 10, 2007

Nexus: Space Opera is Coming!

A short post here, to remind you that Nexus: Space Opera (a.k.a. Nexus #99) is available to order from Previews (page 338). The newest Nexus series does double-duty as Nexus #99-103, and I'm gonna go ahead and recommend it sight unseen, because I'm currently re-reading my Nexus collection in anticipation of this new series, and Nexus has always been fantastic. Steve Rude is one of my favorite comic artists, and with writer Mike Baron, he's constructed a fascinating, complex character surrounded by a great supporting cast. Here's a more in-depth description. Nexus had to go the "series of mini-series" route several years ago when the ongoing series got cancelled, and Dark Horse became the publisher. Now, ten years later, Rude Dude productions is picking up where those left off, with Steve Rude self-pubbing. If you've ever been on the fence about Nexus, give it a try - I want to see this book succeed so I don't have to wait another ten years for Nexus #103. Nexus has been around for awhile, but after a ten-year hiatus, it looks like Baron and Rude will try to make this new-reader friendly while still advancing the plot. There was Free Comic Book Day giveaway to promote Nexus, and if you missed that, there's a preview of Nexus: Space Opera over at Steve Rude's ComicSpace page.

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googum said...

Already signed up for that at the comic shop. Can't wait!