Thursday, May 31, 2007

Your Murderbot is Shoddy and Unconvincing.

Really, Doctor Sados, couldn't you have tried a little harder? I mean, this is a crap robot at best, but to dress it in my colors and try to frame me? Bitch, please. I'm used to this sort of thing from Professor Misery or the Hateful Hun, but I really expected better of you. Is this the same criminal mastermind who invented the Terror Tricycle and the carnivorous Croco-rillas? You’ve lost your touch old man. Even Cappy, the Brooklyn Kid wasn’t fooled by your pathetic, half-assed frame job, and he’s easily the stupidest of my many, many sidekicks! Frankly, I'm disappointed, and I expect better next time.

Patriotically yours – Capt. Freedom


SallyP said...

I don't know what this is...but I like it.

Jason said...

Jeez, how many child-sidekicks did this guy have? I count at least three on the cover alone (and that girl certainly doesn't look legal either). Did Dr. Sados finally get his revenge by sicking DCFS on him?

Brian Hughes said...

By the way, I made up all those names, so don't anyone go Wikipedia-ing The Hateful Hun or Cappy while I'm gone.