Monday, June 11, 2007

More Golden Age Not-So-Greats

Once again, we turn our eyes to the Golden Age of comics. You've already met Rainbow Boy, The Puppeteer and the Hood, now meet some more less-than-luminaries.

In today's troubled world, we often yearn for a simpler time. A time when every other word didn't have a double meaning. When people could talk about how gay they were, and how many boners they pulled at work, and it was okay, because they were discussing their level of happiness and mistakes made on the job. Or when you could call a pair of kid crime fighters YANK and DOODLE with a straight face:

Before Night Thrasher and the Rocket Racer, there was ZIPPO, who fought crime with a highly advanced set of roller wheels that by all logic should have broken his ankles. Here at Again With the Comics, we are above crude toilet humor, so I will refrain from noting that the little puffs of smoke from his pistons make it look like he's passing gas throughout the story. But they do. Hee hee hee.

In the Golden Age, a fledgling crime fighter could get by with a lot less than today's mutants, techno-futurists, cosmic godlings and angst-ridden genetic deviants. Back then, one needed only to wear a cooking pot on their head or to be shorter than everyone else to gain admission to the Justice Society. Or you could just strap a radio transmitter to your head and fight crime by throwing your voice, like MICRO-FACE here:

Finally, I have no idea what to make of this, but I couldn't very well not include AIRMALE and STAMPY, could I?

As before, all images were culled from Pure Excitement Comics. Thanks, Bill Nolan!

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