Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Again With Again With the Comics

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Again With the Comics is one year old today! I started blogging as an outlet for all my comics related jabbering, and thanks to you, dear friends, the last year has truly been a hoot. I'd like to sincerely thank my readers, my comment-ers, and all those sage souls who have linked here. Most of them are on the sidebar, warriors all! I also have to thank my wonderful wife, who loves me enough to support me in this time-consuming, unpaid endeavor. I love ya, baby!

Thanks to the Internet, I can now share my love of comics with like-minded weirdos worldwide, but it wasn't always that way. Again With the Comics really began when I was a wee lad, with few friends and my beloved comics. As much as I loved Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and all the others, nobody else in my world "got it" at all. I remember trying to talk comics with my neighbor friend, but he never caught the bug. My mother was frequently patient but disinterested as I breathlessly described the shocking developments in the latest Amazing Spider-Man, and most of the school kids I knew were similarly funnybook-deficient. That finally changed in Eighth grade.

Mike Coco and I became fast friends, both having vast comic troves and no one with whom to discuss all the heroes and villains, the great battles and the shocking twists. The best part was that while my collecting had mainly focused on Marvel, Mike had been hoarding DCs by the orange carton-load. I remember handing off grocery bags of books each week or so, taking them home and later catching up on the Legion of Superheroes or the Flash all at a chunk. A few blocks away, Mike was soaking up Marvel lore. We spent hours debating and discussing characters, creators, and who would win if the Avengers battled the Justice League. I drew about sixteen pages of an Earth-2 Legion of Superheroes story that he wrote (they had a Doctor Fate, as I remember...) Later, and pooling our resources, we were able to make a pretty broad sweep of the independent publishers. Between the two of us we kept up with First, Eclipse, and a baker's dozen of the pioneering alt-comix. Today, he runs the Comic Shop, I give him bales of money, and we can all enjoy the expanded forum of a blog.

The best kind of forum, 'cuz it's MINE.

So, what does the year ahead hold for Again With the Comics? Expect more "humor", more pandering and more blatant falsehoods. Expect the current level of Paris Hilton coverage to remain unchanged. I'd like to get back to commenting on the new books, so new weekly column soon, I think. More spectacular thrills to follow in 2007-2008, I assure you!

Dear God, he's still not done talking about comics.


plok said...

Congratulations, Brian!

Siskoid said...

Yeah, totally. Congratulations!

Gaeasoldier said...

Congratulations! Always a pleasure to read your blog.

googum said...

I'd congratulate you, but I'm biting my fist in envy over that Iron Man figure...must be strong...

Brian Hughes said...

Thanks, all.
googum-I customized that Iron Man action figure from a Fantastic Four Psycho-Man figure. It won me a Randy Bowen Thor bust from Toyfare, so there's something to be even jealous-er about! Haw!

SallyP said...

Happy Anniversary!

Nerites said...


Could we get a clearer view of that WW toy?