Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tobey Maguire to Write Amazing Spider-Man?

In a few months, Marvel is going to re-align the Spider-Man comic machine yet again. This time they plan to cancel Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and Sensational Spider-Man to pave the way for publishing Amazing Spider-Man three times a month. All this will take place under the supervision of editor Steve Wacker, who successfully launched 52 over at DC. To facilitate all this, Wacker plans to have a rotating team of three writers on the title. Last week, Newsarama talked to him, and at the very end of the column, he dangled an interesting bit of information:

And finally, folks as a final teaser, I took one of your questions, gave it to a couple of the new Amazing Spider-Man writers and asked them to give you a hint of how they’re approaching the character. Good luck guessing.

Q: ~Spider-Man~ 06-20-2007 07:58 AM I was wondering what made you choose to do this Spider-Man gig. Was it that you have been a long time fan or something else?

Mystery Writers A and B both spoke of growing up with Spidey. “A” mentioned that he was a longtime but lapsed reader of the comics, while “B” specified the ‘60s cartoon as his Spidey touchstone, but otherwise the two could be any number of writers in Marvel's stable. (Slott and Fraction, anyone?)

The third answer was pretty hard to misunderstand, though:

Mystery Writer C:
I wasn't originally a fan, but fell in love with the character after playing him in three feature films.

Unless they’re talking about Nicholas Hammond (and stretching the definition of “feature film” to the very breaking point), it looks like Tobey Maguire is set to take a shot at writing the wall-crawler. I’m not as opposed as some to Hollywood folks trying their hand at comics, but I’m skeptical he’ll be all that involved beyond floating story ideas. I’m sure it will provide a nice publicity coup for Marvel, though, and if he bails out six months later, well, there’s always more writers, right?


Spencer Carnage said...

Yeah, that's gotta be a joke. Its probably Matt Fraction. That seems like something he would say, that crazy guy.

PS: Tagged! You have to do it or else you will never be loved by anyone ever again.

Brian Hughes said...

No, this was Steve Wacker, guest hosting the weekly Joe Fridays deal. It's the last item in the article, by the picture of the Mego Spidey. Wacker sez these are the three new writers, and I was just speculating about Slott and Fraction, but that third guy pretty much has to be Tobey Maguire.

Tagged? D'oh!