Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Again With the Links: Down Wit' GCD, iTaggit, and Mad Batman

Credit Where Credit is Due Dept: I can't count how many of the covers that you see here came from the Grand Comic Database, but if I had to guess, I'd say LOTS 'N LOTS. It's a bit slow and glitchy at times, and the search function is kinda limited, but the GCD is still the best, most comprehensive collection of comic book covers on the intermajiggy. With over 150,000 comic covers to gawk at, kudos and thanks to the brave souls that tamed this beast!


Obsessive/Compulsive Dept:
I've been thinking about getting my collection more organized, and I was recently introduced to a nifty online tool that may facilitate that goal. I found a new site called iTaggit that allows you to organize your collection and download photos of your comics, along with grade, value, and notes. I've started my profile and I hope to get more of my collection listed when I have time.


Finally, from Scans Daily, a Mad Magazine Batman parody that I actually wanna see for real!

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Dom Sutton said...

WOW! That cover to Exciting comics is just is

PS Hope you will be including What If #43 (What if Conan were stranded in the 20th century) in your best of What If countdown. Worth it for the cover alone.