Friday, July 06, 2007

AWtC Weekly: 07/06/07

SPOILER WARNING: This is the "current events and gossip" part of our presentation. New comics, comics news, and gossip can and will be discussed. Don't freak out, but we got SPOILERS, baby. Heavy, heavy SPOILERS.



Comics News this week:

Not much news this week, but I noticed that after a final three issue series to wrap the story, there will be no more Hero Squared. I'm sorry to hear that, but the story may have pretty much played out. The good news is that there will be an end to the story, but with the possibility of a return to the characters. I have no problem with creators ending a book for creative reasons, but I hope Giffen and DeMatteis find something new to work together on, and soon, because I, for one, will miss the Milo and Eustace show.


New Comics Commentary:

Superman: The Amazing Transformations of Jimmy Olsen:
So beautiful. Among the wacky-ass Jimmy Olsen stories, those featuring his bizarre transformations are the best, and here are the cream of the crop collected under one cover. Alien Jimmy, future-brain Jimmy, fat Jimmy, four-armed Jimmy, Giant Turtle Olsen, Porcupine boy, Elastic Lad, and so many others are featured, and the result is fan-freakin'-tastic.

Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America: Iron Man:
Well, obviously, word got out that DC would be publishing Superman: The Amazing Transformations of Jimmy Olsen, and Marvel, always angling to be on top, had to rush print a more awkwardly titled book, hence Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America: Iron Man. I don't know why they subtitled this one Iron Man; he didn't do nothin'. That was Sam Wilson's book all the way.
These Fallen Son books ranged from fair to good, with this one being the best. Marvel is really selling this as the true, final death of Steve Rogers, but I've been around long enough to know it won't last forever. Still, this was moving and poignant in all the right places, and marks a turning point for the Marvel Universe. For now.

Ms. Marvel#17:
The last few issues have featured MODOK, so of course I had to check 'em out. Lots of stuff packed in this issue, as we see MODOK toppled from his leadership of A.I.M., and witness the death and grisly rebirth of his bastard son, Head Case:

Irredeemable Ant-Man #10:
I'm no fan of product placement, and it shows up here big time. Old Spice billboards and ads in Times Square are alright, and would be even more so if it somehow saved this book from cancellation, but having a stick of O.S. Red Zone floating around in the Hulk's stomach just pulled me out of the story. Never mind why the Hulk would eat such a thing, but when, when he just arrived from a year in space? Weird.
UPDATE: The Department of Missing the Point Entirely informs us that per series artist Phil Hester:
“The product placement was required, but we took it upon ourselves to do it on every page as a laugh. And it is on every page.”
Duhr. That's...that's actually pretty funny.

Finally, from All Star Superman, the saddest thing I saw the week of Captain America's funeral:

Hello, Zibarro, hello...


Again with the Comics Eagerly Awaits:

Kirby: King of Comics. Mark Evanier is an engaging writer on any topic, so I'm interested in seeing his biography of his friend and mentor, Jack Kirby. That won't come for awhile, though, so to tide us over, Evanier has produced this high-end art book featuring tons of unseen and rare Kirby art. It looks like a must-have for any fan of the King.

More next week!


coco67 said...

You have to wonder who at Old Spice OK'd that one. "That'll really move product!" Maybe they're trying to crack into the lucrative radioactive space tyrant snack food category.

Brian Hughes said...

Old Spice: Its been in the Hulk's bowels.

Harvey Jerkwater said...

That panel from Ms. Marvel screams one thing: somebody's been reading Godland.

Because that's Basil Cronus, yo. They changed the fluid from green to purple, but that's Basil.

Brian Hughes said...

I don't think I see a direct swipe, but I'll change my mind if Head Case wakes up and immediately starts searching for drugs. I doubt either character was the first sentient skull in a jar in comics, anyway.