Friday, July 13, 2007

AWtC Weekly: 07/13/07

SPOILER WARNING: This is the "current events and gossip" part of our presentation. New comics, comics news, and gossip can and will be discussed. Don't freak out, but we got SPOILERS, baby. Heavy, heavy SPOILERS.

He had a date...WITH DEATH!


The wife and I watched Sideways last weekend. You know, the movie where Harvey Pekar and the Sandman team up for a week of wine tasting, skirt-chasing, and soul searching? Not a bad movie at all, but the wine tasting sequences reinforce one of the bedrock rules of my life: My fanatical comics obsession is normal and awesome, other hobbies, however, are just fucking nuts.


New Comics Commentary:

New Avengers #32:
The ramifications of the Elektra Skrull are discussed, as the Avengers start to realize the ramifications of a Skrull invasion. I’ve heard a lot of grousing about how this is a cop out, but I have to wonder what Marvel comics those people have been reading all these years. This plot fits in with Skrull motivations, needs and beliefs, and I’m quite intrigued. The only question now is: Who can you trust? (Answer: Not Spider Woman.)

BTW, is it just me, or is Mighty Avengers already months behind schedule? …Lazy fascists!

Deadpool/GLI Summer Spectacular:

Best of the week, hands down. Since their last appearance, the GLI has really come up in the world, and may be the biggest winners out of the whole Civil War / Initiative mess. The team has a top-notch headquarters, individual vehicles (that look like they came straight from a McDonald’s Happy Meal collection), and federal funding. They’ve got it so sweet that Deadpool decides to hang around as a reserve member to avail himself of the free food and cable. Hilarity ensues as the team tries to evict the murderous freeloader, along with chubby chasing, inebriation, and horrific violence. The Squirrel Girl sequences continue to assert that she is the most powerful, feared super-heroine in the Marvel Universe, which is right and good, as she sets out to find out what happened to Speedball. Her encounter with Penance is a priceless, thorough mocking of that dark, angsty storyline. P-Cat the Penitent Puss would have been worth the cover price alone, but then Squirrel Girl borrows Doctor Doom’s time machine to travel to Robbie’s last coordinates before Stamford, and the writers give me a very special treat. The opportunity to say I WAS RIGHT. Speedball lives, baby!

Green Lantern #21

I’ve been avoiding this book since its latest relaunch, as I was not in favor of reviving Hal Jordan, which is why I was surprised to see a group of Lanterns who share my dislike for Saint Hal. The Lanterns that were stripped of their rings and abandoned in space by Hal when he became Parallax are understandably holding a grudge, and it looks like this whole Sinestro Corps story is being set up to redeem him in our eyes. Jordan notwithstanding, I have to admit to being hooked by this tale of evil opposites.
Again With the Comics Eagerly Awaits:

JLA/Hitman: Garth Ennis and John McCrea re-unite for more twisted fun. Buy this if you want to see Hitman reprinted!

That's all for now. Begone, curs!


Gaeasoldier said...

Only realized now that Sideways' main protagonists both worked in comics-related movies. With some more exposure you could blast bad comics out of the water like that movie did with Merlot.

Ever think of furthering that comics-wine synergy thing?

"This issues got a bit too much pulp too it, probably from over-aging on the back of the drafting table."

"A hint of Kirby with those Perez tears down the side of the glass. A bit of Miller to, really deep down after oxygenating."

My comic palate is a bit too unrefined. I fear I read the comics version of Yellowtail.

Brian Hughes said...

I'm a wine-in-the-box man, myself. I couldn't help but see comic fandom parallels throughout that look at the weird, weird world of wine tasting.