Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Patriotic Captain America Post Gone Horribly Awry

Well, I tried. I really tried to find some nice, innocuous image for the Fourth of July. I thought I could put up a cover of, say, Captain America looking all patriotic, say my happy fourths and get to grillin'. Since I am lazy, it could also serve as a tribute to Captain America, who recently died in the comics. So I looked up U.S.A. Comics, knowing that Captain America used to star in it and it had the perfect, bold patriotical-type title for a holiday post, I figured I was in like Flynn.

Little did I know the parade of butchery I was soon to witness:

Who knew Cap was so bloodthirsty? Disturbing, isn't it?

Well, have a happy Independence day, anyway...if you still can.


Blockade Boy said...

Happy Fourth! I admire that you just soldiered on and posted those covers anyway. I was scrambling for holiday-appropriate material this morning and my first thought was to scan a nice bright cover from my beat-up old copy of "All In Color For a Dime." It turned out my main options were an "All Winners" cover with both Bucky and Toro getting tortured, a "Young Allies" cover featuring the racist nightmare that is "Whitewash Jones" or a "Master Comics" cover where somebody colored in Minute Man's teeth with a ballpoint pen. I had to give up and think of something else.

SallyP said...

Boy, Bucky sure does seem to spend a lot of time being tied up doesn't he? And Cap is beating the crap out of the bad guys with such GUSTO!

That's a man who really enjoys what he does.