Friday, August 03, 2007

AWtC Weekly: 08/03/07

SPOILER WARNING: This is the "current events and gossip" part of our presentation. New comics, comics news, and gossip can and will be discussed. Don't freak out, but we got SPOILERS, baby. Heavy, heavy SPOILERS.


Geez, is it just me, or is October slated to be
"Piss on Steve Gerber month" at Marvel? Marvel Previews solicits no fewer than three new books featuring characters created by the veteran comics scribe, not one of which he is writing. I've talked about Howard the Duck before, and mentioned how no other writers can quite capture the character's unique voice, and you could say the same for Omega the Unknown and Foolkiller, as well. The new Omega was commissioned some time ago, and Foolkiller is to be a MAX series, so I doubt there's any sort of conspiracy, but it sure looks tacky all in one month like that.


New Comics Commentary:

Black Panther #29:

Marvel Zombies have officially worn out their welcome.

Justice League Unlimited #36:
A fantastic issue featuring the Question. Oh, how I love the JLU Question.

Metal Men #1:
Duncan Rouleau impresses in this debut issue, keeping the gang of squabbling robots light and fun, with an undercurrent of menace. I like the art style he's evolved -I see a Steve Rude influence- and he tells a good story.

Blue Beetle#17
I may have to write a whole column about this book sometime, but I really dig it. Writer John Rogers came up with quite a clever way to incorporate Ted Kord , the previous Blue Beetle into the story of Jaime Reyes, the current model, and I'm glad to see it followed up.

Man, that's enough. I got a lotta other stuff this week, too. Too much to cover in full. Glad to see Evil Warren Ellis Machine Man back in Ms. Marvel#18. I think World War Hulk has been quite good so far, but I've wisely avoided any tie-ins or spinoffs this time. I got that Comics Introspective: Peter Bagge, - looks great so far. Finally, I think Countdown has gotten much more readable with the recent return of Keith Giffen to layouts.


Again With the Comics Eagerly Awaits:

What If? Planet Hulk, the first in a new wave of What If? specials to address recent events. Look for a Civil War issue to follow soon after.

Gotta go play with the kid. Nuff' said, true believers?


RAB said...

Re Steve Gerber: what you said, man. I know Steve has enough troubles right now not to waste time on letting himself resent this any further...but damn, as a fan I resent this on his behalf.

Nat said...

Gerber has noted in his blog that at least some of these projects are done with his blessing, that he and Marvel have come to an understanding about them.

SanctumSanctorumComix said...

There's ALSO a $175.00 STATUE of Howard available the same month!

It's like 7 inches tall, and NOT even a good sculpt.

MAYBE I'd have bought it for $75, but not ONE-HUNDRED&SEVENTY-FIVE CLAMS!

It's insane.



Brian Hughes said...

I'd completely forgotten about that. I also noticed noticed that he's surrounded by beer cans and looks hung over. But no cigar! Howard's a smoker, not a drinker! Stupid statue.