Friday, August 10, 2007

AWTC Weekly: 08/10/07

SPOILER WARNING: This is the "current events and gossip" part of our presentation. New comics, comics news, and gossip can and will be discussed. Don't freak out, but we got SPOILERS, baby. Heavy, heavy SPOILERS.

This turned into Batman week without me even planning it, so enjoy a favorite Batman cover, featuring the Dark Knight finally getting his priorities straight. Pretty slow week for new comics, but it gave me a chance to take a good look at Batman#667. Let's do this t'ing.


Great Minds Dept: Remember a few months back when I wouldn't shut up about that cross-time Fantastic Four/Doctor Strange/West coast Avengers story? Bully over at Comics Oughta Be Fun is currently covering the same stories, complete with a nice shout-out to yours truly. He was concerned about the duplication, but this is one story that bears examining with multiple viewpoints. I'm enjoying his look at these stories, as I enjoy most of his posts. You've seen the old stuffed man's point of view, now check out a little stuffed bull's look at the whackiest time-travel story in comics!

New Comics This Week:

Batman #667
Grant Morrison has a gift for wringing the best ideas from the silliest old stories, and he does it again here with an appearance of the International Club Of Heroes. An uncomfortable reunion turns into a locked island murder mystery as the multinational detectives are being picked off one by one. J.H. Williams III turns in an outstanding art job, as well, an artist who keeps getting better and better.


It occurred to me earlier today that now that the Wildstorm Universe has been thoroughly integrated into the DC Universe, isn't it about time for a big, ugly public falling out between Wildstorm and DC? Isn't that how these things usually go? It wasn't that long ago that Wildstorm was in bed with Marvel, and that didn't last. If nothing else, a Wildstorm defection would give DC an excellent excuse to publish another crossover. Crisis on Earth-50, anyone?


Again With the Comics Eagerly Awaits:

The Next Issue Project is the latest of several upcoming projects that revive moribund Golden Age public domain Superheroes. Image Comics Publisher Erik Larsen promises the "next issues" of various long-forgotten comics, with stories done in the Golden Age style by contemporary creators.

See you next week. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

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