Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dragonshade is STILL Waiting!

FOOM, Marvel's in-house fan magazine of the 1970's, is a fascinating look back at an earlier time in comics fandom. Before the Internet, magazines and newsletters were pretty much it for comics news. From FOOM #16 (1976) comes an impassioned plea from writer Don McGregor to spread the word about Dragonshade, slated to appear in an upcoming issue of Deadly Hands of Kung Fu.

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The Department of InFOOMation for this issue reveals that the latest Deadly Hands of Kung Fu would have been #10, and a quick stop over at the Deadly Hands of Kung Fu GCD entry reveals, that no, Dragonshade never appeared in those or any pages.

In fact, -yikes- Don Mc Gregor is editor of DHoKF for issues #10 and 11, then Archie Goodwin took over, and Mc Gregor's name disappeared from the credits. That ain't right. Marvel politics, man.

This isn't really the sort of book I seek out, mind you, but it looks no worse than a lot of the chop sockey stuff that was out at the time. Looks like Dragonshade had a lot of the same sort of weaponry and trappings that became huge just a few years later, when comics went ninja-happy. Just ahead of his time, I suppose.

Super '70's Bonus: Marvel Hype of Yesteryear:

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