Monday, September 10, 2007

Again With the Comics Weekly: 09/10/07

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In Russia, Comic Book Reads You:

Last week, the Entire Russian Federation caught Again With the Comics fever, making Batman by Dostoyevsky our most visited post yet! Some seemed to take offense at the adaptation, but I hope most enjoyed it. It's a great R Sikoryak piece that mixes Dick Sprang Batman and Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment. The words "You've gotta see it to believe it!" have never been truer.

So, on the plus side, I got thousands and thousands of hits, but on the minus side, I may have single-handedly restarted the Cold War! As Robert Crumb famously said, “It’s just lines on paper, folks!”


SPOILER WARNING: This is the "current events and gossip" part of our presentation. New comics, comics news, and gossip can and will be discussed. Don't freak out, but we got SPOILERS, baby. Heavy, heavy SPOILERS.

New Comics This Week:

I'm tired of calling it "All New Atom". Fifteen issues in, it should just be the Atom. Regardless, this issue literally lifts our boy Ryan Choi out of Countdown, stopping briefly to play cupid to two Japanese movie monsters, then into a heap of disillusionment for our all new Atom. Don't believe that guy, though, Ryan - he's weird and he eats circus peanuts!

BOYS #10
Such an evil, evil, comic, yet I love it so. Tek Knight’s big scene might have moved me to tears had I not been so busy laughing and shaking my head at the wrongness of it all. No one can deliver a mix of perversity, humor, and heart -all in the same scene- like Garth Ennis.

This issue introduces several new baddies for the Metal Men to deal with, including the Baloonatic, Renegade Robots (L-Ron?!?) and the Death Metal Men, an evil opposite version of our lovable robot pals.

Ms. Marvel is a strange comic for me in that I find the supporting cast and guest stars much more interesting than the title heroine. Aaron the Machine Man makes a great addition to the cast, stealing every scene he’s in, and I can’t help but think that Rick Sheridan is probably the poster boy for the rest of Marvel’s mid-tier heroes: cluelessly swept up in a current of horrific, jolting change he neither wanted nor asked for.

Your enjoyment of this comic will definitely depend on your tolerance for weird, Dadaist humor. I laughed out loud several times, myself, to my wife’s annoyance. Heavily influenced by the Young Ones, Punks has a few moments of excellent comedic timing, a trick that not many can pull off in comic book form. Granted, the story doesn’t so much end as it stops, but overall, this was a very pleasant surprise.


Marvel gets a new continuity patch in this issue, as some of Shulkie’s odder recent behavior is explained. I could have sworn I recently read Quesada or Brevoort or someone boasting about how Marvel doesn’t have multiple universes and parallel worlds clogging up their titles like DC, but, um, yeah, you do. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but between the Ultimate Universe, the Marvel Zombie universe, the Supreme Power-iverse, and Earth-A, among others Marvel may have 52 worlds of their own by now.


The plot thickens, and this panel is only a glimpse of what MODOK is apparently really after:

Other MODOKs, of course.



Hey, look! An eerie glimpse into the future of Again With the Comics! Prophetic!


Bret said...

Actually, Marvel has a full-on infinite or next-best thing multiverse.

That's where what if, Alan Moore's Captain Britian, and Exiles take place in.

Dimonium from Russia said...

Who's the author of this Green Lantern cover?) The slogan on the flag is completely meaningless :))
It says something like: "We will come proletarian above hero" with lot of wrongly written letters and a mistake in ending of word "proletarian". It's the good thing when some artist tries to copy other country's language just to make his artwork stylish and original, but it's a pity that he doesn't care not to look ridiculously in front of this country's citizen's eyes :(