Tuesday, September 25, 2007

That's One Ugly Baby.

Aw,what a l'il cutie pieieee-AI-AAAIIIEEEE!! You know, babies only avoid being chucked out the nearest window upon the first diaper-fouling by virtue of their extreme cuteness. Good thing mutant genius baby Darius Drumm has that brain-controlly thing going on, 'cuz cute he ain't.

Panels from Jack Kirby's Silver Star, an outstanding Image Comics tome snagged at a bargain price last weekend.


coco67@gmail.com said...

Oh, why must everyone else in the world have substandard babies? It almost makes me feel guilty that MY babies are perfect! Almost.

Maxo said...

A scream of horror is the only appropriate response to a baby like that, I think. He should be the only infant you're allowed to drop at least once.

Blockade Boy said...

Darius Drumm was Stewie before Stewie was!

Thanks for posting this! There's just something about clean, expertly-colored Kirby art that soothes the soul.

The Mutt said...

That just might be the definitive Kirby page.

I absolutely love how the scream extends beyond the panel border. Now that's horror!