Sunday, September 23, 2007

Meet Rockman: Underground Secret Agent!

Updated 7/24/07

, soon to appear in Marvel's The Twelve by writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Chris Weston, first appeared in U.S.A. Comics #1 in the first of only two stories by the legendary, wonderful Basil Wolverton. Marvel will be reprinting the first of those stories in The Twelve #0 in December, but "Rockman and the Killers of the Sea" was the second of those two stories, printed in U.S.A. Comics #2, and Wolverton's artwork had noticeably and substantially improved. I had the good luck to find a copy of Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age U.S.A. Comics on sale this weekend, so I grabbed it up, and I'm sharing the bounty with you, my Internet chums:

I'm not sure I've mentioned it, but I loves me some Basil Wolverton. His figures look rubbery and cartoonish at first glance, but with the lush and precise linework of a master artist. Beautiful, mind-blowing stuff.

The Twelve is another Upcoming Marvel project that I'm anticipating. Rockman will be only one of a dozen forgotten Timely characters that Straczynski and Weston will be introducing to readers, but a lot of those are just detective guys in domino masks. Rockman, looks like one of the best of the lot, and I hope you enjoyed meeting him as much as I did.

UPDATE: Here's an article with The Twelve artist Chris Weston's thoughts on his Rockman re-design, and more.


Chris said...

Zombo looks like a bad Robert Crumb imitation, and of course must be called "Little White Zombo" at all times.

Mikey said...

Could Rockman look any more like Vinnie Jones? Are we to assume that the inevitable low budget movie adaptation is already in production?

ALex said...

Ha-ha. New Rockman looks like Russian boxer Valuev. Perhaps, was drawn from him.

Brian Hughes said...

Actually according to artist Chris Weston:
"if they ever make a TV series or movie of The Twelve, Dominic Purcell would be my ideal choice to play him."
I dunno who that is, but there you go. I just updated the main article with a link to that quote and more information about Rockman.

Swinebread said...

great stuff, thanks