Monday, September 10, 2007

Again With the Comics Welcomes New Readers!

Dostoyevsky Comics was our biggest hit yet, with over 40,000 new visitors in the last ten days. I contributed nothing but a reprint of a brilliant R. Sikoryak comic story, but I'm pretty proud of the comments. So now we're international, baby. To all those who came back for more, I suppose its time I officially welcomed you all to Again With the Comics.

Name's Brian Hughes, an' I reckon I'm the Sheriff 'round these here parts. I've been jabbering away about comics for nigh unto a year now, so there's a full backlog of laffs and hi jinx in the archives for you. This is my place to talk about comics from my own collection, both the best and the worst. Sometimes I share a forgotten gem, as with the Dostoyevsky strip. Sometimes I delude myself that I'm "writing" "comedy." Sometimes I drawr a pitcher with my computer art-thingy, and sometimes I wax enthusiastic about past storylines and forgotten supervillains. Terrible failed Golden Age superheroes have a loving home at Again With the Comics. Recent hits include:

With humor ranging from the Highbrow to the Sub-Moronic, there's laffs for all at Again With the Comics! So. Make yourselves comfortable and look around. There are Archives by Month and a handy List-o-Labels over there to the left.

I'm afraid I have some rather distressing news for you: You have Again With the Comics fever. The only cure? More Again With the Comics.

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