Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Jigsaw Puzzled (Part 2)

Jigsaw returns to Earth, but the the Air Force crew sent to retrieve his capsule freaks out when he emerges with telescoping limbs and hijacks their copter while they trippin'. After landing, he goes to meet his fiancee, Betty, taking her for a drive to explain his new freakish condition. And you know, I always find it best to deliver traumatic news while driving straight toward a speeding train at top speed. Call me sentimental, that's just my way.


Yes, its that hoariest of silver age comic book threats, escaped circus animals. Between circuses and zoos, older comics were rife with wild animals on the loose. Made for a good way to demonstrate the heroes' powers and pad out a few pages, you see.

Jigsaw rounds up the critters, and Betty, being a typical hysterical female, reacts predictably:

Then, Jigsaw just kind of walks off. He gets all of one panel to mope to himself, when suddenly, Si-Krell calls Jigsaw back to the Moon. Seems there's trouble headed for Earth, and only Jigsaw can help:

So there's these invaders called the Pulots -and seriously, what the hell kinda name is that? That would be like bringing in the love interest, and naming her "Lizza" or "Zazla" or something equally inappropriate and random. Not. Even. Tryin.

Crapbot explains that the Pulots want to invade Earth, and blah blah etc. He further explains that Pulots happen to look exactly like humans, and that the Krellites have their own Pulot mole, who just happens to be a blond bombshell...named...Zilla.


So human being and U.S. military man Col. Gary Jason sides with the robot that mangled and shoddily reassembled him against the other humans. Because the robot tells him to. Just so we got that straight.

Follows a raid, some sort of plan to disarm something. The comic is quite bad, and at this point, I've frankly lost track. The proceedings are further dragged down by the dead weight of Jigsaw's dull, dull personality; in addition to being dimwitted, Jigsaw is the stiffest, most uptight stretchy guy comics have ever seen. The two space agents foil the plot and return to the ship, Jigsaw apparently content to stay in space forever:

This whole scenario is a "Everything you knew is a lie!" reveal waiting to happen, had Jigsaw been a success. I can see the grim '90s revamp now, in some might-have-been world where Jigsaw became a permanent fixture in Harvey's line. Wherein after years of blissful ignorance, Jigsaw finally figures out what a bunch of shits these robots in general, and Si-Krell in particular, are. And Zilla ends up getting "jigsawed" in some grisly fashion. Then, the bloody, teeth-gritting revenge!

But Jigsaw was not a success, lasting only two issues, another of many ill-conceived books trotted out following the mid-60's success of the BATMAN TV show, the rise of Marvel Comics, and a general superhero craze. Harvey was obviously better at Friendly Ghosts and Poor Little Rich Boys than they were at costumed champions.

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byrneward said...

Zilla's britches are driving me crazy. And not for the reason you might think. It's the coloring. Looks like the colorist played safe by disregarding the existence of what are obviously intended to be stockings and pretending the area between the top of them and the hem of the trunks is actually some kind of cuff or other decorate-y thing.
But I could be wrong.