Monday, October 22, 2007

Namor's Enormous Knockers

I can't imagine this horrifyingly hilarious Johnny Ryan strip making it to final publication in the upcoming 'Marvel Underground' title, so I snagged it up for Again With the Comics, just in case. Sub Mariner's breast implants aside, I love the expression on Doctor Strange's face up there. Like he's all "hardcore" an' shit. I'm going to give this anthology a try when it comes out, but Marvel's had a history of being kinda skittish about this sort of thing, so I'd be surprised to see this strip come out unaltered, or even at all.


RAB said...

See, the title of the post made me think of something different.

SanctumSanctorumComix said...

So... where is this Johnny Ryan page FROM?

Is it something from one of his recent books (and if so, which one)?
Or is it an actual sample of a "submission" for the Marvel Underground book?

Brian Hughes said...

Marvel's planning to release "Marvel Underground" soon, and this is supposed to be in there somewhere. I just snagged it in case it never gets printed. Such fine art must not be lost!