Friday, October 12, 2007

That 70's Planet

Dig the swingin' bachelor pad, sideburns, and checkered jacket on this far-out '70's update of "The World At My Doorstep", recently featured here in a look at an Earth in peril. Marvel and DC routinely reprinted material from the 50's and 60's during their rapid growth in the 1970's, so this wasn't the first swinger to replace an uptight square on a re-purposed cover, nor would he be the last. Note that 70's guy is a little quicker to drop his briefcase, to lose his cool than uptight, rational 50's guy. Just another example of the ongoing erosion of America's moral fiber, obviously. Today's version would no doubt have our bewildered businessman handing his briefcase over for inspection to the harried, officious globe, for reasons unknown to both.

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