Monday, November 05, 2007

Me Hated Rotten "Escape From Bizarro World"!

Goodbye, idiots! Me Bizarro Brian Hughes #1, filling in for pink, squishy me! Me read worstest comic story of year this morning in Action Comics #857 - 855 called "Escape From Bizarro World" and it were horrible piece of junk! For one thing, it starred ugly, horrifying Superman, which was bad enough! For another, it had glorious, noble Bizarro as a guest villain, which am much better! Him get new power under blue sun and bring back Bizarro World, Bizarro Lois, Bizarro JLA, and all other Bizarros. Then him kidnap Superman's Pa Kent, so him can have father too. Superman come back to save him dad, but Pa want stay and help Bizarro #1 win back love of Bizarro world people, who now hate Bizarro #1 because of Bizarro Luthor. Luthor always same, no matter where he am. A is always Z, and Luthor am always Joker, me never say. Part where Bizarros have more sense than humans and not believe what Bizarro Luthor told them were not very ironic at all.

Now, you know me hate silly old comics and love only serious, realistic ones, so it probably come as big surprise me really hate Bizarro World, even though me am, Iself, a Bizarro! Me can't help it. Me have racial identity issues. Don't sue me! Me very sure what to think when me saw the "Superman Vision" part, but me was very bored to see SuperPaKent! Didn't remind me of days in comics when literally anything could happen at all! Me also didn't think "Arkham Amusement Park" was brilliant or anything. Me thought Yellow Lantern bestest hero of all time because when battle start, him immediately fly away to join horrific army of evil. Me angriest of all to see Bizarro World back for good at end of story and restored to it's full, twisted glory after all these years. Me just hope Bizarro World get blown up for "shock value" in last few years by some excellent writer, like Geoff Johns has never done! Me thought this story by Johns and Richard Donner was no fun, slow-paced, and even a bit heartchilling. Awful drawings by Eric Powell too soft and not at all fitting for Bizarro story; should have got P. Craig Russell or Colleen Doran, instead. All in all, awful rotten stuff! Me no recommend if you like bad comics!

Hello, illiterates, real Brian no back soon!


Mikey said...

Me no understand post. And me hate your blog so not read every day with RSS.

Dustin said...

This am horrible review!

Me am not going to tell any of my friends to read it.

JKF said...

Bizarro speak makes my head feel wonderful. I completely understand this post. I don't need it translated.

A.R.Yngve said...

Me not sure whether us really live on Bizarroworld or not. Me really admire your Bizarro President!