Thursday, December 06, 2007

Herbie's Progressive Ruin

Congratulations to Mike Sterling, celebrating his fourth year of Progressive Ruin. That's four years daily for this unstoppable blogging machine, mind. I also wanted to point out his recent Herbie post. It perfectly demonstrates why Herbie is so great, and is also probably what reminded me of Herbie in the first place. If not for that, you might not have seen "Professor Flipdome's Screwy Machine!", so credit Mike for inspiration.

Speaking of Herbie, I wanted to point out these panels from that story:

That's pretty deep for a "mere" comedy book. Pincus Popnecker was always quite a jerk, at least in the dozen or so Herbie comics I've read, but here we see that he really isn't concerned with Herbie's butterball shape at all. His disgust stems from Herbie's apparent laziness and weakness. Yet he's perfectly ready to accept that miniature alternate universe duplicate Herbie is a great guy. What a jerk. Herbie just shrugs resignedly, as if to say: "Well, our father/son comedic dynamic hinges on my father's inability to see my bravery, and my passive, patient acceptance of his scathing cruelty. Whatta ya gonna do? "


Jason said...

Looks like Mrs. Popnecker is going get some super-size loving tonight. Aw-yeah!

Kip W said...

I liked the way his dad was ten or more feet tall at the end of the story, and by the next one, everything was back to normal and it was never mentioned again. A real rubber-sheet universe that heals itself between stories!