Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Last Defenders

Of all the things shown in the March Marvel solicits, I think I'm most excited about The Last Defenders. I really dig Joe Casey's quirky writing style, and I think he'll have some fun with these guys. When I was younger, I came up with my own Marvel superteam; the Avenging Champions consisted of The Sandman, Black Goliath, Doc Samson, Hellcat, and Mercurio, so I'm obviously a fan of oddball team lineups, and this is one oddball group. It helps that I also like all of the individual characters. At worst, I'm indifferent to Nighthawk. He's always been kind of a bland uptight square of a superhero, at least in the main Marvel continuity, but he may flourish under Casey. I probably own or have read 90% of Marvel's She-Hulk catalog, so I obviously like her. She-Hulk thrives in teams, and its been awhile since she's been on one. Colossus is an interesting choice. He's been hermetically sealed in the X-Men continuity for so long, I almost forgot about the big guy. (I religiously avoid the X-books.) I've mentioned before that I am much in favor of integrating the best X-Men into the main Marvel Universe, so I'm intrigued by his inclusion. Finally, I was just the other day rereading some of those Chuck Austen Avengers from a few years back, and remembering how much I liked the manic, wisecracking Blazing Skull. I may have a whole separate article in me about how Austen kind of got a bad rap, but suffice to say, I am delighted to see the Skull on this team, handled by this writer.

Here's some more information about The Last Defenders.

This is not a page from the Last Defenders. This is a page from Avengers #498.


Swinebread said...

hmmmm... Maybe...

Harvey Jerkwater said...

That book sounds pretty cool to me. I'm a Defenders fan, particularly of the post-Big Three era. Dang it, I liked the "Not Ready for Prime Time" grouping of Nighthawk, Valkyrie, Hellcat, and whoever happened to be stopping by that month. This lineup has a similar "wait, you're kidding, right?" quality.

An X-Man who isn't Wolverine in a non-X-team? Holy crap! It's fitting that the first team to have that would be the Defenders, they of the bizarro lineups.

Oh, Marvel. So much of your output of late is drivel. Then you come out with good stuff like the new Iron Fist and promising stuff like the Defenders. You teases.

RDFozz said...

Actually, the Beast was a member of the Avengers from about 138-210 or so, from the mid-70's until the very early 80's.

Angel and Iceman were part of the Champions, also from the mid-70's.

And, of course, th Beast joined the Defenders, and later so did Angel and Iceman.