Friday, December 28, 2007

Nightwatch is Ready For His Comeback

Guest Editorial by Marvel Comics' NIGHTWATCH

Hey, Comic Book lovers, remember me? That’s right, its your favorite Marvel superstar, NIGHTWATCH, back from the dead, and ready for action! I know you all mourned when I was seemingly killed during the unforgettable “Great Games” storyline in my pal Spider-Man’s books a few years back, but guess what? It turns out that Spider-Man’s marriage somehow led to my death, so I’m suddenly not dead, apparently. Marvel, Nightwatch is ready for his comeback!

Think about it, Marvel editors, Nightwatch could really shake up the post-civil war era Marvel Universe as the bold new hero, just back from the dead, who makes a defiant stand against Iron Man and the Superhero Registration Act. Or I could register, but always be clashing with the other superheroes because of their methods. Or I could show up in the Thunderbolts as the cynical newcomer Kevin Trench who makes sarcastic comments all the time and has a history with Venom! And then I turn out to be Nightwatch! Or I could have my own "Brand New Day" by reuniting with my old partner, Spidey! I’m sure my fans will recall the time I stood side-by-side with Spider-Man against Carnage and Venom during Maximum Carnage! Can you say sequel? The possibilities are endless for a character with my gravitas. Plus, I’m black, if that helps somehow.

I think that this gritty, edgy post-911 world America needs a tough, no-nonsense Avenger of the night like me more than ever before. I’ve got this wicked cool spiky armor and a flowing red cape, all of which kind of makes me look like Spawn. The kids are still into Spawn, right? Sure they are. And nanotech is cutting edge right now, so the way I look at it, I was ahead of my time. I don't want to keep harping on Thunderbolts, but I’m pretty sure Warren Ellis would want to get his hands on a superhero with nanotech armor. He seems to be interested in that sort of thing.

Or, and this is just a thought; I could be your guys answer to Batman. Come on, Marvel, You have the Sentry, and now you need a Batman guy. Don’t talk to me about Moon Knight, either; that psycho killer? Guy who hears voices? No, you need a stable professional. That said, I’m also willing to be substantially more violent than Moon Knight, if the MAX editor wants to give a call. Maybe the Ultimates need a new, mysterious masked loner on the team, or the Power Pack kids could team up with me for four issues of laughter and life-lessons. In fact, I could turn out to be a mutant, and would happily fill in any role on one of the X-teams, if it came to that.

Marvel, Nightwatch is ready and waiting for the call. I come complete with close ties to none other than the Amazing Spider-Man, as well as Venom, Carnage, Darkhawk, Warrant, Cardiac, and Morbius. I also come fully equipped with a rogues gallery, evil corporation, and supporting cast. Or, we can ditch them and start from scratch! Whatever works best for you. I’m waiting for your call Marvel editors. Nightwatch is ready for his comeback!


Stephen said...

quit begging night watch!

Anonymous said...

fucking hi-la-ri-ous!

Anonymous said...

This needs to happen! Bring Nightwatch back!