Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Professor Flipdome's Screwy Machine!

Here’s a mere sample of the glorious insanity of HERBIE comics. Herbie was the creation of ACG editor Richard E. Hughes, writing under the pseudonym Shane O’Shea, and first appeared in Forbidden Worlds #73, December 1958. The plump lump went on to star in his own series and eventually took on a costumed identity, the Fat Fury. Costume or no, Herbie was one of the most omni-powered beings in comics history, meeting any and all challenges with an unflappable, deadpan cool and his bottomless arsenal of specialty lollipops. The stories were whimsical, madcap, and unabashedly silly, and this one is no exception. From giant menacing flowers, to strap-on bee butts, to tiny micro-world duplicates, this comic has more crazy ideas than a Grant Morrison clone farm, and all in nine pages. And yes, Professor Flipdome is a dangerous lunatic. And yes, Herbie's father was always that much of a prick. This story is from a Dark Horse Comics reprint in 1992, which also contained a new Herbie story by John Byrne. I was sorely tempted to reprint that, but this one is more the “real deal”. Maybe another time, then. Herbie comics aren’t currently available in reprints, but they should be - until that wonderful day, enjoy “Professor Flipdome’s Screwy Machine”:

"Professor Flipdome's Screwy Machine!"
Originally printed in Herbie #4, ACG
Script: Shane O'Shea
Art: Ogden Whitney
Story scanned from Herbie #1, Dark Horse Comics, 1992


coco67 said...

You want I should bop you with this here lollipop?

Chawunky said...

"You Ain't Such a Much"?

Mother of God.

Marble River said...

Don't trouble me with your dumb stories, Herbie. Turn on the TV!

Kip W said...

I introduced a friend to Herbie, back in the 80s. A month or so later, somebody came into his comic shop and sold him a complete (or nearly complete) run of the comic in lovely condition, marred only by being neatly punched for a 3-hole notebook. Some people have all the luck, but at least he appreciated them.

They're harder to get than cinnamon. I met Marv Wolfman at a con in '84, and asked him why DC wasn't printing Herbie, and he told me all about Richard Hughes... no relation, I suppose...?

Anyway, thanks.

Brian Hughes said...

Not that I'm aware of. My LCS has a few of them, but they're kinda steep. I may have to look into that...

Dan said...

"Meanwhile, Herbie had been pursuing Dad, who had forgotten his rubbers..."


Anonymous said...

Herbie is being reprinted in three archive volumes, of which the first two have been reprinted to date.