Thursday, December 13, 2007

Super-Villains of the Old West

Now, Ah’m sure that alla you young’uns have heard about the old West, an’ alla the lawlessness of the time. Billy the Kid, Pecos Bill and the Dalton gang were all a thorn in th’ side o’ citizens and lawmen across the young America, but they couldn’t hold a candle to the nations earliest SUPER-VILLAINS.

Lets mosey on down mem’ry lane fer a spell, and remember some a the Super-Villains of the Old West. Yup, there were low-down snakes aplenty back in them days, and some a’ them had extra powers and gimmicks, like DOCTOR DANGER and the INVISIBLE GUNMAN.

Speakin’ a low-down snakes, this fella here took ta callin’ himself THE RATTLER, before he threw down with the Rawhide Kid:

Ya may be familiar with the Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime, but did ya know there was a CIRCUS OF CRIME in the Old West?

Back then, th’ bar was lower fer bein’ a super-villain. The Kingpin had his own boomerang slinging Western counterpart in the FAT MAN:

There was a Red Raven in the 1940’s, but this birdman badman came first! Meet the RED RAVEN:

Meet Tomazooma’s grandpappy, the TERRIBLE TOTEM:

Before that li’l filly took the name from Mac Gargan, an’ even before Gargan himself used the name, the SCORPION was gunnin’ fer Kid Colt:

Lookin’ fer all the world like Doctor Doom, the IRON MASK was one of the worst of the frontier’s super-desperados:

Finally, there was a GOLIATH roamin’ the range long afore Hank Pym talked to his first ant:

There ya go. Ten o' the West's most wanted. All villains, an' all super.


Jim said...

Steve Englehart actually used a lot of these clowns in West Coast Avengers #18, during the "Lost In Space-Time."

Brian Hughes said...

Yeah, that's where I first heard of a lot of these guys. I've already done a post about one chapter of that Englehart time-travel story.

Maxo said...

Some of those bad guys actually look kinda cool - but what's with the Fat Man? He looks as if he rode in from the 1940s!

Anonymous said...

Great post Brian! I've always loved stuff that showed the "weird science" aspect of the old West, like "Wild Wild West", etc.

BCR said...

Fantastic - I love the Terrible Totem. If no miniseries, what about a 4' yard ornament.

byrneward said...

Hmm. Invisible shirt, pants and boots...but totally visible hat!

As best as I can recall, Kid Colt #116 was my introduction to the Western in the Mighty-Marvel-Style.

And I liked it!

I was somewhat disappointed, however, that the Kid had such a tough time dispatching a fat man with a curvy stick.

Runmentionable said...

And all showing considerably more imagination than the depressingly recurring villain in recent DC Westerns, Super-Rapist.

Swinebread said...

Jonah Hex is getting real good at fightin' super-rapist!

Harvey Jerkwater said...

I love "Doctor Danger and the Invisible Gunman." Not just for the sweet-ass names, but for the Big Secret.

There is no "invisible gunman." Doc Danger used magnets to levitate the gun, and I think the hat had a horseshoe in it.

That's freakin' sweet.

Brian Hughes said...


chris w. said...

Do I detect some Kirby on a few of those covers? Did he do any interiors?

Brian Hughes said...

I think they're all Kirby, except that Rattler one. Not sure about the interiors.