Monday, January 07, 2008

DC Fatties: Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman!

After Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane, you might think that only supporting characters got the fat treatment back in DC's Silver Age, but you'd be quite mistaken. Back in Flash #115, a temporarily human Gorilla Grodd transformed Flash into a one ton freak in "The Day Flash Weighed 1000 Pounds!" (Reprinted in the appropriately named 80-Page Giant "Giant Flash" #4).

In the story, Grodd leads a dazed and amnesiac Flash to a circus after transforming him. Flash gets signed on as the new Fat Man, giving the spectators a laugh at the sight of the spherical speedster. Soon, he begins to come out of his confusion:

So he sets off to lose weight fast:

I don't think that's how either dehydration or weight loss work, but it was the '60's. Potato Dehydrato, Inc. are lucky they didn't end up with a reeking roomful of Flash Jerky. And are those potatoes fit for human consumption now? Saturated in greasy superhero sweat as they are, I doubt it.

Not to be outdone, Superman became two tons of Last Son in Superman #221. Can't tell you anything about the story, but the cover says it all:

Finally, Wonder Woman Got some extra junk in her trunk back in Wonder Woman #130, as ably recapped by Gorilla Daze awhile back:

Trevordickery at its finest, but to be fair, "I...gulp...gulp...I ?!?" is my standard response to a lot of my wife's questions too.

Time to shed the fat and move on. More soon.


Maxo said...

Gah - Flash looks like he's sweating butter in that second-to-last panel.

Brian Hughes said...

coco67 said:

A heaping plate of Flash infused hash browns would be washed down nicely with a cool, refreshing glass of Skrull milk! It does a body good!

sir jorge said...

awesome post, I put this as one of the best posts of the week over at my blog, i do a weekly "best of", and picked this post. It's awesome.