Monday, January 28, 2008

Mexican Spider-Man's Super Sexy Bikini Adventures!!

El Sorprendente Hombre-Araña (the Surprising Spider-Man) was published in Mexico from 1963-1973, and for a long time, it simply reprinted the American run of Amazing Spider-Man in Spanish:

After awhile, it looks like the publisher either ran out of or overtook the available licensed material, and original stories created in Mexico specifically for El Sorprendente Hombre-Araña started to see print:

I've been to Mexico a few times, and they are most definitely aware that sex sells, with slinky busty babes adorning most advertising and even the most innocuous products. Their comics are no different, as you can see:

I also have to wonder, are these stories considered canon to Mexican collectors? Is "Misterio del vampiro de la playa del bikiní" held in the same esteem as, say, the Master Planner arc or the Stone Tablet Saga? Inquiring, idiotic minds want to know!

A few original villains were added, and go-go Gwen was always there to greet them:

I can only speculate on the story contents, though it looks like they've cut up a lot of comics from all over the Marvel universe. Case in point, here we have Spider-Man versus Odin: for the Heart of Gwen Stacy!

Or maybe the longtime Mexican fan has one more reason than the rest of us to be outraged by the recent "Sins Past" story. I mean, how could Gwen Stacy have been sleeping with Norman Osborn after her tempestuous tryst with... J. Jonah Jameson?!?

Re-purposed Daredevil cover + Bikini clad babe = mucho dinero.

Yes, Mexican Spider-Man must have found the infamous Parker luck somewhat mitigated by being constantly surrounded with hot-pantsed babes. ¡Hágale frente tigre, usted apenas golpean el jackpot!

As usual, all images are from the GCD. Adios, Amigos!


sir jorge said...

i love the sexualized covers! Makes me miss my home country of Mexico.

Ayax said...

I'm not that sure if there are different stories in there. Mexican comicbook people have been known for altering the covers to get the attention of potential readers.

One example of this is this cover of Kaliman, a mexican old-school superhero. He appears fighing against Doctor Doom in the cover, but Doom never appears inside the comic.

Also, I don't know if you were being ironic on the question about the canon, but even if there were different stories in those books, I don't think that most mexican Spider-man comic collectors consider them canon or an actual story since they're not in the official continuity and, like comicbook collectors everywhere else, mexican collectors are picky as hell.

Love your blog, btw.

Spider-Dude said...

I've got a question: Are there many NEW Mexican comics? I was just in Cancun and Isla Mujeres, and I couldn't find comics of any kind, any where.

Is there someplace online I could buy some from?

P.M. Bradshaw

Brian Hughes said...

I haven't been there in awhile, but last time, all I saw were digest sized newsprint comics with (I assume) home-grown characters. Soap opera and adventure strips, mostly. The comic industry appears to have been a non-starter South of the border.

Anonymous said...

If you can read Spanish, there is an exhaustive article about the Mexican Apocryphal SpiderMan in this online comics magazine, where they even ask Roy Thomas and Jim Shooter about it:
It's a 6 Mb PDF file, but it's all explained there.

Basically, the Spider-Man book was so popular that it was published weekly and they hadn't enough with the original stuff. So starting with issue 123 (march 1972) they started doing homegrown stories. There were 44 apocryphal stories between issues 123 and 184. Also, a daily comic strip in the newspapers.

In issue 128 Spider-Man even gets to marry Gwen Stacy (cover not available in but you can see it in the PDF), but like the rest of the Mexican stories, it was revealed to be a dream in order to respect the original continuity.

Jim Shooter is quoted to say that Marvel completely ignored the existence of these stories and that they would never allow them to be published if they knew.

For more info about Mexican comics:

inkdestroyedmybrush said...

how cool are some of those covers? I'm stealing one of the jpegs and putting it up on my comic blog as well. a great find those.

carmine said...

Marvel should publish those mexican comics, they look like a sexy good time.

Hey DC is publishing some Japanese Batman comics from the 60s. (when is that book coming out!??!) its that wacky version of batman so I can't wait to see a Japanese version of wacky-bats.

so lets see a mexican sexxy spider tpb.