Monday, January 14, 2008

The Secret Past of Henry Peter Gyrich

Recently in his always-excellent Permanent Damage column, Steven Grant was discussing his work on the Avengers, and his contribution to the ongoing Magneto/Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver saga. Grant went on to mention some inside jokes and background stories from that time, and I found this bit regarding Avengers#189 particularly amusing:

"On the final page of that issue was a little inside snipe. We cut back to the Avengers, where the government moves yet one more time to take control of the Avengers. Peter Gyrich, the government agent who at the end of the issue shuts the group down, had an interesting double pedigree; named for Jim Shooter's cousin (if I remember correctly, this was Jim's idea and meant affectionately) he was intended to be the grown-up version of a '50s Atlas Comics DENNIS THE MENACE knockoff called PETEY THE LITTLE PEST."

So Gyrich has been a pain in the ass since childhood; not surprising, then, that he has since become a reliable and persistent thorn in the side of the entire Marvel Universe. Today, in Avengers: the Initiative, authority is the "slingshot", and the civil rights of all your favorite Marvel heroes are the "living room window" for this ruthless flat-topped fascist.


coco67 said...

You better get a powerball ticket today. Not an hour after I read this, somebody came into the store with some books to sell, and this was among them! Unfortunately, The books were all hammered, and this was the crown jewel, so I couldn't buy them. Still, crazy, man, crazy!

Brian Hughes said...

Great Caesar's ghost!