Monday, February 11, 2008

Archie's Pals and Gals and Severed Heads

Good Lord (CHOKE!) Archie's eternal dilemma seems to have driven the poor lad quite mad. Veronica or Betty? Betty or Veronica?!? The question scratches at his brain like a rat, as Jughead raids the fridge yet again,and Reggie prattles endlessly, maddeningly. Then there's the butcher block, with its shiny, shiny knives. Calling to him. Singing.

The living room carpet is soaked with blood now, and Reggie and Jughead's grisly severed heads serve as a horrific, albeit still-gamely-wisecracking testaments to the dark depths of Archie's madness.


Matt said...

Is anyone going to make an "Archie Zombies" joke?

Brian Hughes said...

I don't think anyone liked Archie Zombies, though it was a personal favorite. Archie seems to bring out my morbid side, apparently.