Monday, February 11, 2008

Oh Jeez, I Lost My Neez.

Son of a bitch. Steve Gerber has passed away.

Such a damn great writer, up to the very end. His last projects were as vibrant, intelligent, and off-kilter as his greatest hits. Howard the Duck is an all-time favorite, and I was enjoying his most recent work on Doctor Fate. He was ever-improving and experimenting and his unique world view will be missed.

Rest easy, Steve.


Jim A said...


David said...

To young to die. Very sad.

Stephen said...

crap he was owning with fate.

Anonymous said...

I'm too young to have caught a lot of his work in the 70's but I'm really appreciating it now thanks to those Showcase and Esstenial colletions.

Brian Hughes said...

Thank you all.

Doctor Fate WAS excellent, and another deeply personal book, as Steve Gerber built a whole new foundation for the DCU's supreme sorcerer, he used Kent Nelson's psychiatric profession and chronic depression to deal with the new realities of his own life.