Wednesday, February 06, 2008

An Elegant Gallery of "Hulk Versus Thing" Artistry

FF#25 cover by the immortal Jack Kirby, without whom there would be no Thing or Hulk

Once more, we at Again With the Comics attempt to elevate and enlighten you, the common rabble, through the display of modern classics of art. Even the basest vulgarians can appreciate the subtle elegance of the classic clash of two elemental titans: The HULK and the THING. Who can deny the sublime elegance of orange gravel fist shattering emerald chin or of jade knuckles shattering stony orange facial bones in a gory orgy of pulse-pounding ultraviolence:

I always root for the esteemed Mister Grimm in these unseemly brawls, but sadly, he usually comes out worse for the wear. That previous display of mayhem was courtesy of the talented Ryan Ottley, whose Invincible (with writer Robert Kirkman) is an excellent read. Next is a much more whimsical piece by Tiny Titans' Art Baltazar:

The esteemed Bruce Timm provided our next piece, set the very split-second before explosive violence:

Here's another, cartoonier look at the battling behemoths, courtesy Jim Mariano:

I vote for Hulk vs Thing in the next Fantastic Four movie:

We've always enjoyed Chris Giarusso's work. Now enjoy his take on Marvel's greatest rivalry:

A toy photo by "El Dave" casts an eerie light on the usual clobbering and smashing:

Mike Manley rounds out our display, with a classic take on this classic clash:

Finally, these two aren't fighting, but how could I resist these great Stan Lee Tribute exhibits from Alex Kirwan and Monster Factory?


Jonathan S. said...

Poor Thing. It looks like he takes it on the chin a lot from the big green dude, particularly that one image where you see a loose eyeball. That had to hurt.

Stephen said...

when the hulk and thing fight the only one that loses is the location hosting the fight

Hoosier X said...

I'll take FF #25 as the best.

But Duuuude! How could you leave out FF #112?

Jason Michelitch said...

Great little gallery!

Might I make one possibly annoying request? Please mention Jack Kirby's name in relation to the first image. I know a lot of people reading this don't need to be told who Jack Kirby is, but some very well might, and seeing as how a Stan Lee mention gets worked in toward the end a mention of the co-creator and the man who actually drew the first several fights might be warranted.

Again, great post!

El Dave said...

Holy moley, thanks so much for the link!
I'm waaaay out of my league among company like this!

David said...

The real problem I see is in the FF movies The Thing is an actor with bulked up make up. He can even fit on an airplane. Some wreslers look bigger than him. Now the Hulk in his movie is HUGE!. I know its computers, but he is so much bigger than The Thing compared to the comic version. If they were put in a movie together, Hulk would beat The Thing like a small dog!