Monday, February 25, 2008

Review: Justice League: The New Frontier

I've had an early look at Justice League: The New Frontier, and yes, it was excellent. Based on the original story by Darwyn Cooke, the film eschews most of the civilian and military characters in favor of focusing on a looming alien incursion and the tension between the mystery men and a suspicious, resentful public. Darwyn Cooke was consulted in this movie, and it shows. His graphic style dominates throughout, and it looks fantastic animated. Small wonder, since he cut his teeth on Batman: The Animated Series. Stan Berkowitz did a fine job of adapting the original, retaining the spirit of the original, while sharpening the focus to the Justice League. The animation is fantastic throughout, though I've come to expect no less from Bruce Timm and co. The voice casting was spot-on for the most part, and Andrea Romano continues to impress me as a person who not only knows what the characters should sound like, but what different incarnations of the characters should sound like. Great stuff, and recommended.

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Enrique Acosta said...

I really wanted to like this but they were too fatihful to the source material and the dramatic beats of a graphic novel and a movie are too dissimilar. Also if you have no prior knowledge of the characters then a lot of what they do and say doesn't make any sense.
Superman is saved by a heretofore unmentioned king of the sea. Very deus ex machina.
It's fun and all that just not a great movie