Sunday, February 17, 2008

Secret Invasion Sneak Peek


On the comic gossip front, check out these covers and story synoses for upcoming Secret Invasion issues and tie-ins from Marvel. I found all of this in IGN's Secret Invasion: Revelations interview with Brian Bendis and Tom Brevoort. All of this, needless to say, is packed with SPOILERS, so don't bitch at me if you get SPOILED.

The Invasion is here!! The Marvel Universe is in shambles. The Skrull Empire's plan has birthed itself into perfection. It is hero versus hero!! Resurrections and reunions!!

Is Tony Stark a Skrull? And is that actually Captain America leading the heroes into a new era??

The Greek Goliath gathers the most powerful super-team ever assembled to counter-attack the Skrull gods! Face front, True Believers, and prepare for the pantheon-pounding premiere of... THE GOD SQUAD!

The invasion has started, and no one in the MU is safe, not even the First Family of Comicdom! Aware that some of the Earth's most advanced technology and weaponry is housed in the Baxter Building, the Skrulls have neutralized the building--by transporting it and its inhabitants straight to the Negative Zone!

With one member of the Fantastic Four M.I.A. and another "replaced," it's up to the remaining family members--not to mention Franklin and Val—to get back to our dimension, Skrulls or no Skrulls. But are any of our heroes who they think they are?

Sinister, isn't it?


Maxo said...

The "hero vs hero" thing makes me roll my eyes, but the "God Squad" — that's kinda brilliant.

LurkerWithout said...

Sinister? Enh. Not really. The God Squad thing is vaguely interesting. But thats mostly because of the Pak/Van Lente Herc book right now...