Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Cheetah's Dance Is Terrifying But Beautiful

From Sensation #22, "The Secret Submarine", art by Harry G. Peter.


book/daddy said...

So I'm dying to know. Who, exactly, is the gal in green, the only unattractive, unsvelte female in this entire sequence? I mean, of course, "Shorty McPudge-oh" there, sounding like Ethel Merman's younger sister with the "dames" and the "swell hoofer" palaver.

Brian Hughes said...

That's Etta Candy, Golden Age Wonder Woman's "comedy relief" sidekick.

book/daddy said...

Of course! Of course! Now I remember her. "Etta Candy" is so much better than my crude little "Shorty McPudge-oh" moniker. The name "Etta Candy" is diminishing and cutesy-infantilizing and -- to quote Homer Simpson -- clever in that way that gets less clever the more you hear it. Which, if I recall correctly, pretty much sums up her character function.