Monday, April 21, 2008

My Secret Lair

I know things have been kinda lean around here lately, folks, but the blog has taken a backseat for my latest project. Deep within the bowels of the Earth a new secret headquarters for combating evil worldwide is taking shape. Would you believe a grown ass man's room full of toys and funnybooks? About 15 years ago, I purchased a new mobile home (shut up) and had a roommate in one room and all my crap in the other. I kept my comics, my toys, my statues, and my Simpsons figures in there, along with a few bookshelves. Eventually, I got married, we had the boy, and we had to move into a house. The new house was bigger, but with an unfinished basement. My collections all ended up in storage, and I've longed to once again have one big room for all my wonderful, wonderful toys again. Over the last few weeks, thanks to the magic of equity, I'm getting my trophy room. The floor space will be family room, with grazing area fort the l'il maniac, of course, but the wall decor is gonna be 100% awesome. We've also been drowning in books, so I'm going to be moving my secret library of forbidden knowledge to the stronghold.

Posting may be sparser, but hey, I'm distracted. I've been doing a lot of the work myself, so its been pretty time consuming. I'll be posting pictures when it's all done, be assured.


coco67 said...

Remember, "A poor workman who blames his tools has a fool for a client." Or something like that. I'd come over to help, but whenever you're working on it, that's when I wash my hair!

Brian Hughes said...

Just one, or all six?