Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Red Hulk versus A-Bomb

Okay, this one's for my boy, who's been pestering me about when Hulk #3 will be out. He's been obsessed with the Hulk since we picked up a copy of Hulk #2, where he immediately took to the new Red Hulk and A-Bomb. I myself am not particularly impressed with the story, but I have to admit, Ed McGuinness draws the hell out of some rampaging behemoths. Marvel's target audience probably should be six-year olds though, and if thats the case, they hit the nail on the head with Red Hulk. I recently spent one futile evening supervising as he Googled "red hulk versus A-bomb" and variations to no avail. Well, here ya go, kid: RED HULK VERSUS A-BOMB!

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Harvey Jerkwater said...

Monsters fighting.

Now that's Marvel Comics, dammit! My seven year old nephew would love this.

I must get him some.