Thursday, May 01, 2008

Things You Won't Be Seeing In IRON MAN: Obadiah Stane's "Costume"

I'm not sure how Jeff Bridges is going to play evil industrialist Obadiah Stane in the Iron Man movie, (though a veteran Marvel movie watcher suspects that Stane will be a father-figure to Tony Stark) but it’s a cinch he won’t be bare-chested, purple-caped, or have a gold, gem-encrusted belt. As of Iron Man #163 (1982), a shadowy man of mystery had been closing in on Iron Man and Tony Stark, attacking the Golden Avenger with the Chessmen while Stark was under seige financially and succumbing once again to the siren call of sweet, sweet liquor. DiscObadiah first showed his flamboyant, fabulous face in Iron Man #166, dressed like a typical 1980's corporate raider type:

Obadiah Stane: snappy dresser, or the snappiest dresser?

When he first appeared, Stane was leading a group of Scotsmen and dwarves dressed as chess pieces in an all-out chess-themed assault on Stark Enterprises. He did finally wrest control of Stark Enterprises from Tony, and started dressing normally from then until he donned the Iron Monger Armor in Ion Man #200. Stane also committed suicide in that issue, 25 years ago. This once obscure character has been elevated in importance for Iron Man's cinematic debut, but hopes for the DiscObadiah of old are dim.


coco67 said...

He's stylish, I guess, but he's no Disco Era Red Ghost! Plus with less monkeys!

googum said...

I was thinking in a suit, he'd just look like Lex Luthor, which is probably why he has a beard in the movie, eh? Well, that and beards are evil. But he predates corporate raider Lex, doesn't he?

Brian Hughes said...

Yes, by over 4 years.

Blockade Boy said...

Wait just a gol-durn minute -- I have that exact same outfit!

And it looks way better on me. I like to wear it to the grocery store. Pick-up on aisle sixty-nine!