Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Spirit by Alan Moore

The Spirit: the New Adventures had a short run from Kitchen Sink Press back in 1997, shortly before that venerable underground publisher went out of business. The series presented new Eisner-blessed Spirit stories by name creators, lasted eight issues, and should have done better but for poor timing. Alan Moore wrote and Dave Gibbons drew the first issue, retelling Denny Colt's seeming death and rebirth as the Spirit. In the origin, Colt ran afoul of Doctor Cobra and was drenched in the madman's immortality serum and left for dead, only to return later as the Spirit. In issue #3, Moore returned to look at a much older, yet eternally youthful Denny Colt in "Last Night I Dreamed of Dr. Cobra...":

That's some lovely art by Daniel Torres there, too. Torres deftly illuminated the gracefully crumbling logotechture of Central City and the loneliness of an ancient Spirit in a strange future world where his life is but a tourist attraction. The First issue and this one provide Alan More's take on Will Eisner's classic character as well as bookends to the Spirit's career.


Harvey Jerkwater said...

Moore's ability to weave together meta-text and human feeling is an amazing thing. For example, when the Spirit notes that "every time I picture [the hideout], I picture it a different way," it's cool -- both an affectionate tribute to the fluctuating art of the original stories, and a human moment, as who does not share that same sense of disconnection when one's memories of an old home and the realities of it prove not to quite match?

I own the first couple of issues of this series. Love dat Spirit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Brian!

John said...

Just one beautiful page after another. Thanks for posting this. What a pleasure.

Sven said...

Good Job! :)