Friday, May 02, 2008

Things You Won't Be Seeing In IRON MAN: The Iron Mullet!

Tony Stark donned the Silver Centurion armor in Iron Man #200 ostensibly to upgrade before reclaiming Stark Enterprises from Obadiah Stane, the Iron Monger. I think he was just making room for his luxuriant comeback mullet:

"Wouldn't want to cage in a magnificent pelt like that, would we?" spits hateful old gray n' baldy. Here's another view of Stark's flowing raven locks:

He went around looking like this for quite a while, but I can't see Robert Downey Jr going along with a mullet. God, I hope not.


Sea_of_Green said...

Oh, LORD! The classic comic book mullet! I didn't know Tony Stark was also a victim -- in addition to the other indignities he's suffered. Oh, the horror! The horror!

Stephen said...

i love the mullet. but this tony stark would have to be played by either mario lopez(saved by the bell era) or ricardo montalban

Anonymous said...

??? That's not a mullet.

Nick Marino said...

No... that's a mullet alright. Just a short-back one.