Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Three From Grant Morrison

It's no secret I'm a Grant Morrison fan, having read his work since his American debut with Animal Man and his mind-blowing revisionist Doom Patrol. I have very much enjoyed the man's body of work, from the strangest Vertigo work to the biggest "event" comics. We were treated to an astonishing three comics from one of my favorite writers this week, so I felt compelled to comment.

All Star Superman #11 gave us the penultimate issue of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's extended tale of the last days of the the Man of Steel. I've really enjoyed the humanist, passively powerful Superman that Grant presents, and it's sad to see him wasted and winding down with final acts of kindness to his Fortress pets and oh yeah, all humanity. Worse, All Star Luthor has never been stronger, sneering his way past the electric chair and into Superman levels of power. All Star Superman has turned out to be a fantastic magum opus from the mind of Morrison, and the showdown in #12 promises to be as great as it will be late. I was as disappointed in the timeliness of this as anyone, but the final result will stand on its own long after serialization is complete.

Finally, Morrison's epic Batman saga ,Batman: R.I.P barrels ahead in Batman #677, also out this week, as new girlfriend, the ominously named Jezebel Jade throws doubt on Batman's existence and Bruce's sanity. Then the phrase ZUR EN ARRH sends Batman into a seizure, the Wayne family is scandalized, and Alfred may be a fraud and beaten to death. This story has been building to a boil for awhile now, but with R.I.P., it promises to come to a head. Tony Daniel's art is acceptable, and growing stronger each issue. An artistic roller coaster is the one thing that can really derail a Grant Morrison epic, (NewXmeN, anyone?) so I'd just as soon stick with Daniel, now he's here.

I've seen mixed reaction to Final Crisis #1 online, and a fair amount of confusion (That guy on the last page was Nix Uotan, the young Monitor that got exiled earlier in the story). I had no problem understanding it, other than the casual "shock" death of the Martian Manhunter. Even there, I think Morrison's messing with our heads prior to a dramatic last-issue rescue/noble, heart-wrenching sacrifice by the shape-shifter in question. This sounds like it could fix the New Gods and provide a fundamental shift in the DCU, and I'm looking forward to seeing it play out.


Robby Reed said...

"nd I'm looking forward to seeing it play out."

I'm not. Final Crisis was a wretched trainwreck

Awful beyond measure!

Brian Hughes said...

Dial "H" for Hater?

Robby's love of old-timey comics and hatred for all this new-fangled whim-whammery are well documented at his excellent "Dial B For Blog".

Phillyradiogeek said...

I read Robby's comments over there--wow! I wonder what he thinks of Marvel?

joe bloke said...

all-star superman is my favourite current comic, hands down, and has been from issue # 1. grant morrison has nailed the man of steel, for me, perfectly. the perfect mixture between child-like wonder and god-like benevolence. issue # 10 blew me away. and frank quitely's art is, simply, beautiful. what am i gonna do when the series reaches it's end, man?

joe bloke said...

hey. back again. yep. just read Final Crisis. it's poo. don't care how it plays out. between this & what's going on in Batman these days, i am seriously thinking about dumping DC after All-Star finishes it's run.

ok, maybe i'm over-reacting, i don't know, but i AM heartily cheesed off with DC's current trend for stomping all over my heroes, in the guise of "adult" entertainment.

Brian Hughes said...

Had they skipped Countdown and DoNG, this probably would have gotten a much warmer reception; as it is, we're Evented-out.

Joe-That icon is fantastic, BTW.

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling with DC's current trend of shitting all over great long term characters (witness the humiliating easy death of the Martian Manhunter)
I am actually afraid they will end the upcoming Ambush Bug series with him having his throat slit by the Rainbow Raider