Friday, July 18, 2008

Alan Moore, Peter Bagge and Kool-Aid Man

During my recent coverage of Peter Bagge's HATE, I came across this rare collaboration between Alan Moore and Peter Bagge, starring Kool-Aid Man, of all things. Alan Moore is in the (reluctant) spotlight lately, with the Watchmen movie on the way, against his wishes. I must admit, that Watchmen trailer was pretty damn impressive, though. So with that in mind, why not spotlight another one of the bearded one's more obscure stories? Without further Ado:

"The Hasty Smear of My Smile..."
Originally printed in HATE #30, 1998
Script: Alan Moore
Art: Peter Bagge


Phillyradiogeek said...

X-Entertainment has an article about the several--SEVERAL!--comic book adventures of Kool Aid Man. I had the first issue when it came out. Man, I wish I still had it!

Blockade Boy said...

Freaking awesome.

One thing I really admire about Moore is how he's inspired by a wide array of cartoonists, and how he'll adapt his writing to fit their art styles. I read about this in a "Comics Journal" interview a long time ago, and it really holds up with this story. The "troubled, reclusive artist" angle, the screwed-up family life, the counter-culture celebrities, the intellectual shoulder-shrug in the face of the fantastic -- they're all hallmarks of Bagge. And although Moore loves some of these same themes (particularly the middle two), he's worked them into a story that Bagge's artwork compliments perfectly.

I'd never read this before (my comic store's "subscription service" was always spotty when it came to Fantagraphics). Thanks for posting it!

Brian Hughes said...

Excellent point, BB. It's not hard to imagine Bagge coming up with a variation of this story on his own, eventually.

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test reference had me howling. Great find!

Doug Potter said...

Poor Alan Moore. Another of his creations(Watchmen) made into a movie against his will. Is he refusing paymeny in protest? How will he feel when Kool-Aid man is mangled by the Hollywood machine?