Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Custom Action Figures (Part 3)

Some of the Custom action figures I've been blathering on and on about didn't do so good in storage, I'm sad to say. I painted a Bane to make Atom Smasher all those years ago, but the paint never did dry correctly, so he's still tacky to the touch, and has all kinds of crap stuck to him now. Giant Man came out alright, but his antennae are history. Captain Atom, made from an Action Mullet Superman, is just there to show how big the other two are.

Hawkgirl never did stand right, and she probably never will again, after five years in storage:

I think this was some sort of Stargate figure before becoming a Golden Age Flash:

Nightwing was a Kyle Rayner Green Lantern:

Plastic Man was made from a Generation X "Skin", a Nightcrawler head, and lots of sculpey:

Power Ring rounds out the only three members of the Crime Syndicate I got around to customizing:

Supergirl was Dagger in another life:

Aaaand...that's it. I'd like to get back to doing these, but superhero action figures have gotten much, much better, and much more plentiful in the intervening years. There just aren't many characters that haven't been made by now, and nearly all of these customs have been "officially" produced, often in several different forms. This series has been a nice trip down memory lane for me, but I'm kind of a crap photographer, and I sense eyes glazing over, so we'll get back to the comics next week.


joe bloke said...

oh, man! i want giant man! giant man rules!

Dead Tree Studios said...

These are cool. I made a couple of custom figures a few years for characters I made up. they, however, were no where as good as yours.