Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Batman in Wonderland

While Grant Morrison has been getting all the attention with Batman: R.I.P., Paul Dini has been turning out some great stories over in Detective Comics. He's also been creating some great new additions to Batman's rogue's gallery. This weeks Detective#847 brings back Hush in a big way, but not without a brief appearance of the Wonderland Gang. The Mad hatter first assembled the gang back in Detective #841.

Love those hoodies. Surprised that the Mad Hatter hasn't tried this grouping before, I looked around for previous stories where the hatter had such a gang, and found that he sicced a Walrus, a Carpenter, and other Wonderland Thugs on Batman in his first appearance on Batman: The Animated Series, but they turned out to be mind-controlled victims.

Here we see Batman investigating this latest bunch of villains:

Tweedledum and Tweedledee eventually seize the gang from the Hatter, and in this most recent appearance, the Lion and the Unicorn are absent. The Carpenter and the Walrus are still running with Dum and Dee, though.

In fact, why not use the Mad Hatter and the Wonderland Gang in the next Batman movie? Excuse me, I'm off to write a script for "Batman in Wonderland"!


MetFanMac said...

This is why I love Dini, as opposed to Morrison. This is pretty cracky, but treated seriously and presented cogently.
BTW, love the scene (not shown) where the Carpenter threatens Batman and he's all like "O RLY?"

Stephen said...

this is a great concept i like it alot. which issues are they in?