Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Darth Vader Versus the Fantastic Four...Sort Of.

Dark Horse Comics' Star Wars Tales is a treasure trove of great, offbeat back up stories set in the Star Wars Universe. I've talked about this before. Rebels struggled against the Empire before Luke and Company, and Darth Vader was out there as well, building his dread reputation. In Star Wars Tales #9, Jay Stephens introduced a strangely familiar quartet of rebels with the grouping of Falaem Onn, Grimgrim, F4-MF, and Soo Rcharrz, the ill-fated Rebel Four. Enjoy, and may the Four be with you.

"The Rebel Four"
Originally printed in Star Wars Tales #9, Sept. 2001
Script/Art by Jay Stephens


googum said...

They were hit and miss, but I did like those Tales. The Garth Ennis one is a personal favorite.

Rich said...

Yikes. That was a short fight.

JohnH said...

Someone knowledgeable confirm or reject this, but could it be that Vader is being post as a Doctor Doom analogue here?

Jonathan said...

i was just think about this the other day, i was going to try and find it. HAHAHAHA it's still funny

love it thanx for posting it